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Introduction of Major for International Students: Machinery Design and Manufacture
2019-06-25 20:27   审核人:

Introduction of Major for International Students: Machinery Design and Manufacture

Main Courses: Mechanical Drawing, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Metallurgical Technology, Tolerance Control and Measurement Technology, Metal Materials and Heat Treatment, AutoCAD, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Technology of Mechanical Manufacture, Metal-cutting Machine Tool, Lathe Jig Design, NC Machining Technology, Mechanical CAD/CAM (UG), Metalworking Practice, etc.

Course Credits: The first five semesters contain 40 courses (including practical courses). The sixth semester only contains graduation practice (internship). The total number of credits is 160. Specifically, general courses offer 24 credits, specialized basic courses 46 credits, technical courses 65 credits, extended courses 10 credits, and graduation practice and design 15 credits.

Job Opportunities: The initial employment positions of graduates from the major include the posts related to machining, product assembly and maintenance in the machinery manufacturing industry. After acquiring rich work experience, they will be promoted to senior posts such as mechanical technologist, machinist, mechanical maintenance technician and mechanical engineer, according to the development needs of local industries and actual job requirements of enterprises.

Faculty: We have 34 professional teachers including 3 full professors, 4 associate professors, 6 lecturers and 6 teaching assistants. Among full-time teachers, 12 are rated as double-qualified ones. 3 have Doctor's Degree and 11 Master's Degree (including 3 master's candidates). Besides the above, 1 is honored with rising provincial teching star and another one provincial outstanding teacher.

Motor Maintenance Training Room

Industrial Robot Training Room

Welding & Machining Training Room

Training Room for Machine Tools, Cutters and Fixtures

Training Room for Comprehensive Simulation of Machine Tools

Training Center for Digital Design and Manufacturing of Molds

Training Building of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Training Room of Mechanical and Electrical Transmission Control and PLC

General Machining Training Room

NC  Machining Training Center

Special Machining Training Room

Training Room of Cellular Manufacturing and Integration

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