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About Hefei Technology College
2019-06-25 20:19   审核人:

About Hefei Technology College

Hefei Technology College is a post-secondary one which provides vocational education.It is the only higher vocational college funded by Hefei Municipal Government.


HTC consists of Huixinhu Campus of Hefei, Gushan Campus of  Chaohu and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Garden of Jinzhai Road, Hefei, stretching over 1260 mu (840,000 square meters )with the total building area of 500 thousand square meters and investment of RMB 2.3 billion yuan. It has 588 staff including 503 full-time faculty, among which there are 24 full professors,132 associate professors.

HTC focuses on 3-year tertiary vocational and technical education recruiting students from Anhui and other provinces in China. It has 12000 full-time students at present. Its graduates are very popular and the annual employment rate is over 96%.

Educational Pattern: One College Two Campuses

Huixinhu Campus of Hefei

Around the pillar and strategic emerging industries in Hefei, Huixinhu Campus will set up 6 subject specialty groups including electromachinery, information, economy & trade, tourism, rail traffic and design to form some influential subject specialties in China.

Gushan Campus of Chaohu

In accordance with the development orientation of Chaohu City, Gushan Campus will aim at developing our original dominant specialties concerning medicine, keep the subjects of biology, architecture and vehicle maintenance and add the majors about medicine further to establish the talent training base for health industry.


Nowdays HTC has12 schools of Medicine, Nursing, School of Automobile Application and Rail Transit, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering , Bioengineering, Information Engineering and Communication, Internet of Things Engineering, Economy Trade & Tourism, Architectural Engineering, Basic Education, Continuing Education and Marxism with over 50 majors of medicine & health, finance & business, electronic information, architectural engineering, automobile mechanics, biological medicine, etc.


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